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The most epic adventure with up to $10,000 in gold waiting to be found!

Unleash your inner Lara Croft and Nathan Drake

Ever wish you and your friends could go on the same exciting treasure hunts as your favorite movie and video game characters with REAL-LIFE loot?

It’s time to take your digital adventures to the great outdoors and experience the first epic journey with up to $10,000 in gold waiting to be found!

So, are you up to the challenge, treasure hunter?

The epic experience that awaits

Expect the unexpected!

As Indiana Jones once said, “We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and X never, ever marks the spot.”

Except ours is actually marked by an X… but you get the point!

For those who love the spirit of competition, this quest will be brimming with mind-boggling mysteries waiting for a worthy adventurer to solve. The journey will prove to be a feat with obstacles to overcome and mountain paths to trek. And don’t forget the other unrelenting teams of treasure hunters racing towards the gold!

So, put your game face on because this won’t be as easy as you think!

Have fun

But like any famous treasure hunter, you won’t be going on this journey alone!

This is your chance to team up and bond with family, friends, and colleagues, or meet new people. Just like the good old days before smartphones and social media, right?

But if you’re doing it for the Gram, we won’t judge! You’re guaranteed to take tons of IG-worthy selfies at these spectacular sites!

From couch potato to professional treasure hunter, how’s that sound?

We are proud that KTLA 5, CBS and KABC visited us to witness the excitement


This adventure will be like no other!

REAL treasure made up of gold and silver worth up to $10,000.

REAL scenic views and breathtaking mountainscapes.

And most importantly,

REAL memories and moments of laughter, friendship, and fun for all!

Check out what our treasure hunters have to say.


Who can participate?


Any legally capable person at least 18 years of age and residing in the U.S. can purchase a ticket. If you are a minor, you have to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Do I have to be a resident of the designated county?


No! You can come from near or far to be part of our treasure hunts. Because we hold these treasure hunts on weekends, you’re welcome to travel to be part of the event. This is a great idea as hunts begin in the morning.

How many spots are available?


We allocate a limited number of tickets for each hunt, to be determined for each race. While we like a good competition, we also don’t want huge crowds that create a disturbance. Be sure to register early so you don’t miss your chance to experience this epic journey!

Are teams limited to 5 people?


No, a team can have an unlimited number of members, however, each member needs their own ticket.

Do larger teams have an advantage?


The only advantage they have is more fun. 😊 Treasure hunters participating in one team shall play together without dividing into mini-teams to get multiple clues simultaneously. Splitting up is prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification.

Do I need to decide on my team before I buy a ticket?


No, you can decide on your team inside the Secret Group. If you go solo, you can look for fellow solo treasure hunters to group up with there as well.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the official rules before joining the quest.

Our quest does not involve the use of any special equipment, but participants are allowed to use devices and tools such as metal detectors, binoculars, any type of equipment, canoes, bikes, hunting dogs, and anything else that you think may increase your chance of finding the treasure. But keep in mind, the treasure can be found without the help of any of this equipment!

Things you might want to bring on the hunt: water or other drinks, snacks, a trash bag, a pair of work gloves, and a paper map in case there is no cellphone signal.

Due to COVID-19 precautions all participants must wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and mantain a 6-foot distance from other parties.


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