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Founded in 2020 by Golden State couple, Daniel and Olga, Treasure Hunt Epic Quest was originally developed to be an answer to the mundane boredom of quarantine and excuse to get back out into nature. Teaming up with comedian James Schrader to promote their new venture, the game’s compelling allure to become rich quickly while exploring scenic views has captured the interest of adults and children alike. Thanks to its soaring popularity in the Los Angeles area, Treasure Hunt now encompasses all of California’s 58 counties.

At Treasure Hunt Epic Quest, we believe that the forest is one giant playground where treasure is just waiting to be discovered. As the first open-air competition set across California’s pristine hiking trails, participants have the opportunity to discover real gold and silver amongst the great outdoors, with each hiding spot only findable by riddles and clues.

THEQ has also expanded its mission to partner with conservationist groups statewide through clean-ups, donations, and the planting of trees, ensuring its natural setting stays wild and beautiful.

And of course – whether you do or don’t uncover the money, the team at THEQ believes the real prize is the journey, the time spent with your team of adventurers, and the memories you make along the way.

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