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Our Eco-Pledge

Treasure Hunt Epic Quest is rooted in a deep love and appreciation for nature, especially the diverse beauty that California has to offer. We’re aware and grateful for the countless corners of untouched nature that have allowed us to do what we love and now have you join us! Our quests are perfect for all ages, allowing the young and old to explore the vast nature and geography of our state.

Treasure Hunt is proud to make an Eco Pledge to help preserve the wildlife that acts as the stage for our quests.Unlike other adventures set indoors, our quests are entirely outdoors, taking place across state and federal parks. Thanks to nature, each quest is entirely unique to its location which means you can expect totally different adventures no matter where you are. Our buried treasure can also be found without the use of any special equipment - and we strictly prohibit shoveling and digging.

How can you help?

First off, follow these simple rules:

  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Keep a safe distance from wildlife
  • Read and follow posted signs
  • Leave what you find behind (unless it's treasure)

Our goal is to not only carefully use the resources that nature gives us, but also to work to multiply them. Since 2010, over 162 million trees in California have died which is why are donating a portion of our proceeds toward fighting deforestation. We have partnered with the American Forests Foundation, the oldest national conservation organization in the country, to plant 250 trees from each quest hosted.

Participants also have the opportunity to earn extra clues by doing simple acts of environmentally-friendly consciousness like picking up trash or planting a tree.

Bonus: we also offer free quest tickets to those who volunteer to clean up our parks.

As Treasure Hunt Epic Quest continues to grow, we look forward to supporting even more causes that work toward restoring wildlife and eliminating the destruction caused by mankind. You can learn more about partners we work with on our “Partners” page. Meanwhile, if you are a representative of a like-minded organization, we hope you'll contact us to collaborate.

We're always open to more ways we can support, volunteer, give back, clean up, and preserve the beautiful lands and wildlife of our great country.

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